1) Will your trailer hitch skid plate fit my truck?

Our skid plate was specifically designed to fit most Jeeps, Toyota 4x4's, Trucks, and SUVs. But, with so many variations in receiver hitches, it's impossible to accommodate all vehicles.  Please check our compatibility page for more details.

2) What size hitch receiver do I need?

Our skid plate is designed to work with a 2 inch hitch receiver.  For a 2-1/2 inch receiver, you'll need a standard reducer sleeve (2-1/2 inch to 2 inch), plus you'll need to verify our one inch or work space is enough (see our compatibility page).

3) How wide is the skid plate?

It's 12 inches wide.  This gives significant protection to your vehicle but limits lateral stresses on your hitch receiver.

4) Is the skid plate removable?

Yes, just pull the pin and the skid plate slides right out.

5) Is your skid plate made for off-road use?

Yes, our skid plate is 1/4" plate steel and designed specifically for off-road use.  

6) What does the skid plate protect?

Our skid plate is designed to help protect any part above the skid.  Examples include - your safety chain rings, bumper, back-up sensor's, spare tire, exhaust and more. Obviously, each vehicles protection will differ.  We guarantee our skid plate for quality and workmanship.

7) What are all the holes for?

The top two (1/2" holes) are for the jack mount bolts, CB or HAM radio antennas, or for a trail flag.  The rectangle hole in the center of the skid plate is for our optional back-up trail camera or for any 1-1/4" hitch receiver accessory (like a bike rack, luggage carrier, etc.).  The six other holes are for accessory add ons, or for grounding some antenna's.  

8) Will this fit all Hi-Lift or Farm Jacks? 

As far as we know, yes.  The bolts we supply with out kit are 1/2" bolts and the slot allows you to adjust one end to fit any farm jack.

9) Are the bottle openers upside-down? 

No, they just look that way.  

10) Will my rear door hit the CB antenna?

Probably!  Just buy a quick disconnect or tilting adapter from any CB shop.  Or, you can easily unscrew the antenna from the base.

11) Why don't you sell more CB gear?

At this point, we just wanted to make sure it was easy for our customer to be able to mount the antenna. The FireRing coax guarantees a good connection and is easy to install. The typically PL259 connector is too bulky to fit under the bend of our skid plate.

12) Why is my CB not working?

We're not a CB shop, but all CB's need good connections, good grounds and the antenna's need tuned with an SWR meter. SWR meters are pretty cheap and easy to use. You can watch YouTube videos on tuning and grounding CB antenna's. Our skid plate has extra holes for grounding straps if needed.  

13) Can you disconnect the CB coax at the skid plate?

You can either remove the base bolt or install a coax quick disconnect fitting.  You can also visit a CB shop for help, found at most large truck stops.

14) Is the skid plate bent or welded at the angles?

Each skid plate is bent with a 200 ton press brake to maintain maximum strength at the most common ground impact point. The skid plate is then MIG welded to the 2 x 2 inch shaft and reinforcement brackets.

15) Is the skid plate powder coated or painted?

Powder coated.

16) Will the skid plate bend?

It's unlikely, but with a significant impact, even thick steel can bend.  Mine has been on the the extreme trails in Moab, Utah and in Ouray, Colorado with nothing more than scrapes. Remember, the entire skid plate is made from 1/4 inch plate steel.

17) Does the leading edge plow?

No, the leading edge of the skid plate sits significantly higher than your differential (rear end) preventing plowing.  See the Jeep drawing on the first page, note the angle of the skid plate in relationship to the ground.  Obviously, there's an exception, if you bury your 4x4 in deep mud.  In that case, remove the skid plate before going mudding.

18) Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or other countries?

Yes, we ship to Alaska and Hawaii.  Please contact us directly to make special arrangement for shipment outside the United States.  These terms can change at any time.

19) How does it protect my rear tire?

Watch the video on the first page.

20) Will the CB or HAM Antenna clear my rear tire?

This all depends on your hitch receiver and tire.  All hitch receivers are slightly different, with different distances from the rear bumper and differing hole depths. If you have a huge rear tire or equipment mounted behind the rear tire, there might not be clearance for the antenna whip.

21) Will the inserted square shaft hit my "under mounted" spare tire?

This is extremely unlikely, as the distance from the center of the furthest rear hitch pin hole to the back of the square tube stock (back of the skid plate) is only 2-1/2 inches. If your "under mounted" spare tire is right at the back of your hitch receiver, just loosening the tire will allow you to move it backwards, then just re-tighten the spare.

22) Can I buy my own hardware or camera?


23) How are payments processed?

Payments are processed as Bradbury Consulting (the parent company of Skid Mark 4x4).


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