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Jeff                               ★★★★            Florida

I love mine! My wife gave me “that look,” after many Jeep JLUR mods $, when I said I needed to replace the stock rear plastic bumper with a steel bumper. After “the look,” she went online and found your product. It has worked perfectly; I have bashed the heck out of it, with no damage to my Jeep! Thanks Skid Mark; now it will be years before I can buy a new rear bumper! 🤣Mounting my HiLift jack was quick and simple too. Excellent product!

Chris                               ★★★★            Arizona

My wife bought this as a XMAS gift to me a couple years ago.  It's been mounted on my FJ Cruiser since.  Amazing storage for the hi-Lift .  I never could understand why anyone would want one up high in case of them falling and taking out your rig.  Anyway.. this last weekend in Sedona it payed for itself many times over.  Going through Broken Arrow and coming down the Devil's Staircase.. it took a hit I wasn't expecting that would've most likely damaged my rear bumper or even worse the charcoal canister under the cargo area.  When I got out and had a look.. BARELY A SCRATCH.  BTW their powder coating quality is also TOP NOTCH.  So glad I had one on my truck.  Literally saved my ass.  Thanks again!

Ken                                 ★★★★            Colorado

This is an awesome addition to my truck.  I was skeptical, but after hard wheeling with 2 skid mark owners and watching it take a beating, I was sold. It also makes a great bottle  cap remover!

Dan                                 ★★★★            Colorado

Great product, so simple, so effective.

Richard                           ★★★★            Connecticut

Posted from FaceBook - Richard is a pretty hard core off-roader with a significantly modified FJ Cruiser.  He's the host of the Toyota Trucks and Trails Podcast.  Here's his comments: This Skid Mark hitch skid did its job.  I managed to bend it up pretty well!  (that's hard to do, it's 1/4" plate steel) It's great at stopping hangups on the hitch during steep departures and protecting the safety chain loops on the hitch. Click for a larger view.

Skid Mark 4x4 Works Great.

Michael                           ★★★★            Maryland

I've had this since 2015 and just ordered another for my jeep.  We take both trucks wheeling and it was easier to have two.  The product is great, great protection.

Gwyn                              ★★★★            California

got this for my brothers tacoma for his birthday, he loves it.  arrived in 4 days.

Dakota                            ★★★★            Arizona

What an awesome product, strong as hell, does what it said.

Jeff                                 ★★★★            Utah

Just bought mine last month, it's an awesome product.

Kent (FaceBook)            ★★★★            Virginia

Read FaceBook comments below. Click for a larger view.

Lynn                               ★★★★            Colorado

Works on my Jeep and my husbands truck.  Love it!

Steven ★★★★★ Indiana

My friend just ordered a skid mark plate after using mine on the trails.  I guess after a year its time to give my two cents.  The skid plate is awesome and indestructible.  I've destroyed the powder coat, but just wire brushed and repainted.  It works better than expected - even protects to the side - to the side of the skid plate.  Highly recommended.

Tim                                 ★★★★            Arizona

Works well, as expected.   Fast shipping.

Jared                              ★★★★            Texas

thumbs up

Lynn                                ★★★★            Minnesota

My dad got one and then bought me one to match my jeep (he painted it).  I love it !!!!

Jeep                                ★★★★            Washington

This is an amazing tool for hardcore trails = works on friends 4x4's, works as a tool off the rig, busts rocks- a f-in great product.  FIVE STARS *****


★★★★★ South Carolina

Perfect fit, works good, heavy duty, knee buster - ha.


★★★★ Montana

Great product, I've found other uses for this on the ranch. Used it to help dropping posts - good on truck to


★★★★ Kentucky

Better on the rocks take it out when mudding.


★★★★★ New York

thumbs up


★★★ Texas

 Fits great in my TJ, but my truck has a strange hitch, don't fit.

Zach ★★★★★ Colorado

 I'll be back out on the trails soon, this skid plate is great.  I ended up taking it off my rig last year, used it to help a friend out.  Hehas a bigger overhang and kept bashing his hitch on the rocks.  We just it back and forth between Jeeps for a few ledges.

Jess                                ★★★★              

This was a birthday gift from my husband.  I love the looks.  He painted mine to match my Jeep.

JK-Christian                    ★★★★            Utah


Allen                               ★★★★★            Canada

Very heavy duty, fast shipping, great customer service... Fits my modified Jeep bumper

Rodney                           ★★★★               California

Don't drop this on your toe, ouch.  Fits great still need to rip it on the rocks.

Derrick                            ★★★★               Florida

Looks awesome on my Jeep and on my wife SUV.  Wish I'd bought the red one.

Racker                           ★★★★★            California


Randy                            ★★★★★            Indiana

Works great, protects bumper and spare tire when coming down off of things.  just wish it had a way of connecting a d-ring so when i had to pull someone out there would be a connection point without having to remove the skidmark

Randy, after several debates Re: the risks associated with pulling attachment points, we decided that it was best for customers to use something specifically designed for pulling.  It only takes 30 seconds to switch over to a shackle.

Kent                               ★★★★★            Texas

I purchased an unpainted plate from Rich right after seeing it in action at FJ Summit 7.  The fact that it saves in weight and cheaper than a new steel bumper is perfect.  I painted it to match my factory paint and put it to the test in Colorado and Moab.  Saved my rear more than once!  Thanks Rich for an awesome product!!!

Click for a larger view.

Scott                              ★★★★★            Alabama

I bought my skid plate while wheeling in Moab a couple weeks ago.  I already got some rock rash on it.  I hope you get the chance to meet Richard.  He is a great guy and has a great product.

Kyle                                ★★★★           

Great skid plate, quick and easy to install.  I dropped mine, lucky I didn't break a toe.  It arrived four days after my order. 

Jason                             ★★★★★            Utah

This things great, I pulled it off and used as a base for my HiLift Jack the other day.  It's hard to explain how that worked, but it worked.  I've beat the hell out of it.  I think its indistructable. 

Michael                          ★★★★★            Washington

Five stars for a great product and fast service.

Seth                               ★★★★★            Georgia

This skid plate is real nice - well made - I'm very happy witheverything.

Anna                              ★★★★★            California

Thanks for the fast shipping.  I love the looks of the skid plate on my jeep and can't wait to take it on the trails.

James                             ★★★★           Arizona

I bashed the heck out of my skid plate on Saturday and it worked great.  I just popped the skid off and hooked up my trailer for the ride home. Last year I replaced my hitch receiver and some trim after some hard wheeling.  My hope is this will fix those issues.  The Extreme Duty is very strong.

Richard                          ★★★★★            Colorado

Click for a larger view.

Keith                              ★★★★★            Texas

This skid plate is great! It really protects your receiver hitch and rear bumper.  I have smack rocks and slid down ledges that would have damaged my rear bumper and hitch.  This skid really takes a beating.  A plus is that you can take it off and LEND it to a buddy in your group.  I shared mine with a friend to get through a very technical part of a trail.  It worked great and took a beating on the trail.

Click for a larger view.

Steven                           ★★★★★            Texas

I just received my skid plate last week and it was tested out over the weekend.  It worlked great, got scratched up but totally protected my bumper and hitch.  This thing is built real tuff.  I didn't understand the drop below the hitch, but we tried it on my buddies truck and it's made to slip just below certain hitch brackets. I highly recommend this after destroying to hitchs, would have save me time and money.

kgjeep                            ★★★★★            Nevada

This is a great skid plate!

Kent                                ★★★★           

I'll try this out soon, but it's pretty obvioius that it will work and it looks indistructable. 

monstertk                        ★★★★           

Very happy, well made, fast shipping

Travis                              ★★★★★           

I ordered the red 1/4 inch thick version and now it's avaliable in black.  I guess they figure out that black migt be the most popular.  I alctually like the red one now, it really stands out.  The skid plate and welds are nice.  It definately added protection to my wrangler.  It acually protects the exhaust and rear tire.

Cameron                         ★★★★★           Utah

Ok, so I finally took this off road and beat it on the rocks.  It does exctly what its suposed to do.  No more bent hitch.  I'll be in east Utah all summer.  I can't wait for warmer weather and lots of trails.  Come visit me on the river in Moab.

Dan                                 ★★★★★          California

I love how I can move this from my old jeep to my truck, it works on both.  It''s very well made and super srtong.

Valentino                         ★★★★              New York

I received the skid plate in three days, now my GF wants one on her SUV.

ranger442                       ★★★★★           Illinois

I just received mine from Morris 4x4 and its super heavy duty.  I'll post another review after taking it wheeling.  I bought the 1/4 inch steel one.

Greg                               ★★★★★          Illinois

I bought the extreme duty red skid and love the design.  It installed on my lifted F150 in seconds and looks awesome.  I'll be trying it off road asap.

Rich                                ★★★★★           Connecticut

Because of its weight, I find that it rattles a bit in the trailer hitch (probably more noticeable due to soft top).  I've wedge a thin piece of rubber in there for now and a delrin washer, which has taken care of it.  I'll probably look for a plastic ship or something that fits a little better.  Maybe including something would be nice?

Rich, thanks for the feedback.  That's the first time we've heard of any noise.  The hitch shaft is the same size that's used for any standard 2" hitch.  The shim is a great idea.

Jeff H                              ★★★★★           Utah

This is a great product, very durable - heavy duty.  I didn't understand how it would angle until I took it off road into a ditch, but it really protects my bumper.

Mike Jennings                ★★★★★           Delaware


4rocks33                         ★★★★★

Does what is said!

1CJ007                            ★★★★             Texas

This skid plate awesome.  Wish it came in yellow to match my Jeep.

Rick                                 ★★★★           

Very nice, but I needed to use a 2.5 to 2 inch reducer with my 2500HD.

Terrance                           ★★                    Michigan

Didn't fit.  My jeep had some mini connect on it.

Terrance, the skid plate is designed for 2" hitch receivers (the most common). It also works with 2.5" receivers with an insert - step down.  The smaller hitches are too weak.

Don                                 ★★★★★          

Works great!

DDS                                ★★★★★           Arizona

This is an awesome product.  It really makes for some quick protection on my Tacoma.  I also received it in three days.

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